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Planning Jobs in Wisconsin

GIS Specialist, Eau Claire County (deadline 3/29/15; posted 2/28/15)
Economic Development Initiatives Director
, Menomonee Valley Partners (deadline 3/19/15; posted 2/14/15)
Director of Planning and Development
, City of La Crosse (deadline open; posted 2/21/15)
Director of Economic Development
, City of Horicon (deadline open; posted 2/19/15)
Assistant Planning and Zoning Director
, Portage County (deadline 3/11/15; posted 2/19/15)
Associate Planner/GIS Specialist
, City of Manitowoc (deadline open; posted 2/18/15)
Planner I, City of Beloit (deadline 3/7/15; posted 2/18/15)
Director of Planning, Community & Economic Development
, City of Madison (deadline 3/29/15; posted 2/14/15)
Traffic Operations Public Information Specialist
, Wisconsin Department of Trasportation (deadline 2/22/15; posted 2/12/15)
Planning Technician Internship
- Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Technician (deadline open; posted 2/9/15)
Conservation, Planning and Zoning Summer Position
- Sauk County (deadline 2/20/15; posted 2/9/15)
Executive Director
- Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc. (deadline 3/6/15; posted 2/7/15)
Business Development Planning Specialist
, City of Green Bay (deadline open; posted 2/3/15)
Community Outreach Manager
, Gateway to Milwaukee (deadline open; posted 1/26/15)
Community Investment Intern
, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago (deadline end of February 2015; posted 1/26/15)
Public Policy Forum Internships and Fellowship
, Milwaukee (deadline 3/1/15; posted 1/20/15)
Community Development/Planning Internship
, Village of Mount Pleasant (deadline open; posted 1/20/15)
Development Team Assistant
, Continental Properties, Menomonee Falls (deadline open; posted 1/20/15)
, Urban Milwaukee (deadline open; posted 12/13/14)
WisDOT Student Internships: Summer 2015, Statewide (deadline 2/22/15; posted 12/5/14)

Planning Jobs Outside of Wisconsin
Economic Development Coordinator, Urbana, IL (deadline 3/20/15; posted 2/25/15)
Land Use Planner
, Kane County, IL (deadline open; posted 2/15/25)
Assistant Community Development Director
, Cedar Rapids, IA (deadline 3/13/15; posted 2/25/15)
Corridor Metropolitan Planning Manager
, Cedar Rapids, IA (deadline 3/6/15; posted 2/24/15)
Regional Planner & Policy Analyst
, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (deadline 3/20/15; posted 2/5/15)
Housing & Redevelopment Authority Executive Director
, Duluth, MN (deadline 3/31/15; posted 1/29/15)
Associate Planner
, Portland, OR (deadline 1/26/15; posted 1/20/15)
Active Living Coordinator - Health by Design
, Indianapolis, IN (deadline 1/28/15; posted 1/20/15)
Paul Gerhardt Internship (Summer 2015)
, 1000 Friends of Oregon (deadline 2/19/15; posted 12/13/14)
Planner II, Fairbanks, AK (deadline 1/4/15; posted 12/13/14)
NPS Americorps River and Trails Fellow, Salt Lake City, UT (deadline 12/15/14; posted 12/13/14)
Urban Design and Planning Group Leader, Detroit, MI (deadline open; posted 11/10/14)
Planner I
, Cedar Falls, Iowa, (deadline 10/16/14; posted 9/15/14)

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Prospective Employers
To submit a job posting to the WAPA Jobs page, please email us at jobs@wisconsinplanners.org.

Postings will remain for four months unless a deadline is specified or the position has been filled.  Please contact us when your posted position is filled.  If your position has not been filled after 4 months you may request a fresh posting at the top of the list.

Please include a closing date so that we can keep this page up to date.

Former Postings
Development & Buildings Services Manager, City of Janesville (deadline 2/6/15; posted 1/26/15)
Associate Economic Development Planner
, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (deadline 1/26/15; posted 1/20/15)
City Planner - Community Development, City of Waukesha (deadline 2/13/14; posted 1/20/15)
Director of Planning, Zoning and Land Information
, Calument County (deadline 2/9/15; posted 1/20/15)
Property Planning Section Chief
, Wisconsin DNR (deadline 1/26/15; posted 1/20/15)
Environmental Policy Analyst
, City of Milwaukee (deadline 1/31/15; posted 1/20/15)
Planning and Conservations Specialist
, Trempealeau County (deadline 1/5/15; posted 12/15/14)
Operations Team Assistant - Continental Properties
, Menomonee Falls (deadline open; posted 12/15/14)
Community Development Director
, Town of Rib Mountain (deadline 1/26/15; posted 12/13/14)
Advanced Planner - Major Studies, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (deadline1/6/15; posted 12/12/14)
Associate Planner
, City of DePere (deadline 12/22/14; posted 12/9/14) Deputy Director - Land Use and Resource Management, Walworth County (deadline 12/19/14; posted 12/5/14)
Land Planning Intern, Continental Properties, Memomonee Falls (deadline open; posted 12/3/14)
Economic Development Coordinator
, City of South Milwaukee (deadline 1/9/15; posted 12/3/14)
Land and Water Trails Specialist
, Pennsylvania Environmental Council (deadline 12/15/14; posted 11/25/14)
Planner I
, City of Green Bay (open untli filled; posted 11/22/14)
Home Improvement Outreach Intern
, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors/Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative (deadline 12/12/14; posted 11/20/14)
Economic Development Director
, City of Janesville (review begins 11/21/14; posted 11/8/14)
Planning and GIS Specialist
, Ozaukee County Planning and Parks (deadline open; posted 11/4/14)
Senior Planner, Eau Claire County (deadline 11/16/14; posted 11/1/14)
Senior Land Use Specialist
, Waukesha County (deadline open; posted 10/26/14)
Community Development Specialist, City of Racine (no deadline; posted 10/16/14) Planner/Grant Administrator - Cedar Corporation, Menomonie, WI (deadline open; posted 12/15/14)
Highway Commissioner, Waushara County (deadline 11/24/14; posted 11/10/14)
Energy Intern, Ozaukee County (deadline open; posted 11/12/14)
Urban and Regional Planner - Advanced
, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (deadline 10/23/14; posted 10/17/14)
Program Services Coordinator, Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council (deadline 11/4/14; posted 10/15/14)
Assistant Planner, City of Oshkosh (deadline 11/3/14; posted 10/14/14)
Public Works Supervisor, Village of Richfield (deadline 10/31/14; posted 9/17/14)
Zoning Specialist/Code Compliance Officer
, Pierce County (deadline 10/17/14; posted 10/1/14)
Planner, Wood County (deadline 10/24/14; posted 9/18/14)
Land Use Specialist, St. Croix County (deadline 10/7/14; posted 9/24/14)
, Economic Development Division, Madison (deadline 10/12/13; posted 9/12/14)
Planning Intern
, West Allis (9/25/14; posted 9/12/14)
Community Planner
, Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (deadline 10/3/14; posted 9/12/14) Job description
Mobility Manager
, Kenosha County (deadline 9/19/14; posted 9/9/14)
Transit Oriented Development Planner
(2 positions) (deadline 10/5/14; posted 8/22/14)
Senior Planner
, Eau Claire County (deadline 9/21/14; re-posted 8/21/14)
Economic Development Coordinator
, Janesville (deadline 9/1414; posted 8/30/14)
Safe Routes to School Assistant/Planner
(East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (deadline 9/12/14; posted 8/29/14)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator/Associate Planner, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (deadline 9/12/14; posted 8/29/14)
Community Development Director
(deadline 8/27/14; posted 8/22/14)

(Former postings are removed after 6 months of original posting date unless otherwise requested.)

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